Thursday, July 29, 2010

From now on...

I'm glad they've got the thing capped and I hope they are successful with the relief well as soon as possible. I am still very concerned about the condition of the well and the sea floor around it, if there is a serious problem there we won't be able to do much about it. Going forward, BP will be receiving much less negative publicity and the consequences of the spill will fade from everybody's mind, except those who continue to suffer them directly. Out of respect to these people I am turning this blog into an open forum on the general topic of "fuck bp and all their fucking crooked cronies, pawns and lying asshole publicity people". Please maintain a respectful discourse, I don't want to have to censor anybody!


  1. I wish the capping process had been the end of all of it. But sadly, for the residents of the Gulf Coast, their suffering has done nothing but get worse - even if they don't realize the cause!

    A weekend visit to New Orleans showed me some distressing things that OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE RESPONDING TO -

    There is a perpetual haze of particulate oil and Corexit in the air. Even if you don't see it, you can feel it in your breath - and you can make it seen by a process as simple as blowing your nose or wiping the sleep out of your eyes, or running your windshield wipers.

    There is brown-black petroleum in everything! If you check the residue under your wiper blades, you know it's oil. It stinks of oil. And the sad thing is that there are millions of people breathing it. Respiratory issues are all over. But people in general can't afford health care, so you don't hear the numbers.

    Sadly, also, there are BROWN RAINCLOUDS that pelt your windows with smeary oily rain that takes a lot of effort to clean!

    Government and BP are dealing with the PR debacle by making it seem as if the job is done. But for a long time, the Gulf Coast is going to suffer, and BP should step up and do what is right - not what makes the best "sound byte".

  2. FUCK BP REALTALK - They are gutless soulless assholes and should all rot in hell - i hope they die a slow painful death, like the thousands of animals they slaughtered.